Obsession – 19/03/2014


Ok, so I check my Amazon listing – a lot.

Sometimes up to 10 times a day looking out for new reviews.

I admit it. I am obsessed.

I know it’s sad, but I’m really excited when I discover a new review has been posted. I hoover up every word and analyse carefully what’s been said.

Can you blame me? After all, reading opinions about your work is one of the great bits of being a writer and the digital age makes it sooo easy.

So far I’ve been really lucky and all the reviews (28 when I last looked just before I started this blog) have been very favourable. But I yearn for more. Simply put, the more reviews I get, the further SNJ moves up the book charts.

When SNJ was first published it was around 470,000th in the Amazon paperback charts. Two weeks ago, when I had around 20 reviews, it had risen to around 80,000th. Today, with my mighty 28 reviews, it has risen to 50,000th. I don’t think Dan Brown is looking in his rearview mirror just yet, but it’s gratifying nonetheless.

Nobody has a firm idea of how Amazon’s algorithm works but it’s clearly linked to sales and reviews. Obviously I want the paperback and ebook to sell but getting people talking about it feels even better. After all, that’s what stories are about isn’t it? They are for reading and for sharing.

This obsession is beginning to wear thin on Mrs D though. Fair enough, I really don’t need to have my nose glued to my iPhone all day on the off chance a new review is posted. I admit it is a bit antisocial and yes, perhaps it has gone beyond obsession towards addiction. A bit of smartphone detox maybe?

It’s a tough habit to kick though… hang on, I just need to check my phone…

I don’t bloody believe it!! We’re up to 29!! And I’m NOT joking!

I’m just going to read it. I’ll get back to you…